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The Uncanny Paradigm


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I always felt like something wasn't right about this place. But finding out that this is Heaven and I'm an angel... Well, let's just say, it isn't what I expected.


I'm haunted by the one I left behind. I can't remember his name or his face, except in my dreams. The man I loved calls to me from somewhere across the cosmos. That's why I have to go back.


It won't be easy. Some would say I'm too gentle a spirit to be a guardian, that I don't have what it takes to fight demons. Most of the Elders laughed in my face. But one man agreed to be my teacher. He's strong, fierce, and completely ruthless... all the things I'm not.


With every passing night, I find myself more and more drawn to him. I came here for a reason, and I can't falter now, not when I'm so close to finding a way back.


Will I earn my wings and return home, or will I fall for him before I get the chance?

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"You are a gentle soul." his eyes drifted over my skin. "If you choose this path, you will no longer be this... fragile lovely thing you are now. Are you sure this is what you want?"


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